Joanne Gottlieb LCSW

Joanne Gottlieb LCSW
My work as a therapist is profoundly rewarding and challenging.  I have worked with people of all ages and phases of life and I specialize in working with preteens, teenagers, young adults and their families. 

The following are some of the beliefs that inform my approach to psychotherapy:

  • Life's difficulties offer prime opportunities for growth and learning.
  • People, including young people, bring their own wisdom and knowledge to therapy, and they have great potential for change when they are empowered to access their own resources.
  • Significant change often follows naturally when a person is able to experience difficult feelings such as sadness, fear, and anger in manageable doses in the presence of a compassionate witness.
  • Individuals are parts of larger systems that affect us in fundamental ways; we also affect them.  Problems and solutions are located in our ways of relating to our families, friends, co-workers, and communities.
  • Mental health diagnoses can be useful to the extent that they help clients to understand their symptoms and make desired changes.
  • Happiness is a habit.  It can be practiced and learned.

I earned my MSW from the NYU School of Social Work, where I began my social work career in 2002.  My educational background includes degrees from Yale and Princeton.  I am also a long-time practioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation and a certified yoga instructor.